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SupportNet is a managed network call center application that can be installed within a company campus or can be managed directly by Novetix. With SupportNet, you provide state-of-the-art support architecture (Web and WAP enabled), allowing your customers, managers and technicians worldwide access using a standard Internet browser and PDAs. This application eliminates every barrier of information accessibility and allows your company to provide a versatile customer support system, generating a competitive advantage for your company.

SupportNet is easily customized to your company’s organizational structure and fulfills your product-specific requirements. We developed this application to handle a multi-layer customer support structure with each layer being located anywhere in the world. This makes SupportNet especially appealing to multi-national companies with a strong desire to serve their customers with a significant state-of-the-art technological advantage. 

Below are some important facts, features and advantages of SupportNet:

Life Cycle

The interval between the occurring and the solving of a problem is the trouble shooting life cycle. SupportNet enables your company to keep track of every phase of this cycle. A typical trouble shooting life cycle consists of the following phases: 

Reporting: Customer reports the problem to the support organization by creating a SupportNet-ticket
Assignment: Manager assigns the task to respective engineers. Customer is informed about the assignment
Solution: Engineer is giving solution directly to the customer
Closing: Customer solves the problem and closes the ticket. He is the only one who is allowed to close it. 

SupportNet also functions as the communication manager between the customer and the layers of the support organization. It guarantees an accurate and transparent trouble ticket processing. 


Trouble Ticket

trouble ticket is a file that stores all information about a customer's problem, the task assignments and escalations, and the provided solution. The ticket empowers the customer to track the progress of the reported problem, which will increase his or her confidence in your service. A unique ticket is instantly created when a customer is reporting a problem and only the customer has the right to close it. As long as a ticket remains open, SupportNet tracks the progress and alerts when a critical time is reached without offering a solution. 

Once a customer has closed a ticket, it is stored in SupportNet's database to provide important information dealing with same or similar problems in the future. This database serves as a valuable resource in the support organization.

SupportNET Features

  • - Provides multi-layer customer support architecture
  • - Platform independent server application (Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS, etc.)
  • - Worldwide accessibility through standard Internet browsers
  • - Role-based security system
  • - Fast database access through multithreaded and multi-queued servers at the back-end
  • - Customizable to adapt to organizational structure and product specific requirements
  • - Advanced query builder for ad-hoc report requirements
  • - Smart HELP-function to provide clear-structured and relevant information to the customer
  • - Maintains the whole life-cycle of trouble shooting
  • - Automatic e-mail distribution system
  • - Alarm function for unsolved tickets reaching a critical stage
  • - Ticket history is stored for further analysis.   

SupportNET Benefits

    • SupportNet will cater to even the toughest requirements of complex customer support organizations because of its modularity and sophisticated programming.
    • SupportNet can add transparency to your current customer support system. It enhances accountability and keeps track of progress
    • SupportNet builds all communication around the customer keeping him aware of the actions being taken.
    • SupportNet being web enabled, eliminates all geographical barriers between customers and the support organization and between the different levels of multi-layer support structures.
    • SupportNet keeps executives informed about the performance of their support organization and provides an advanced query builder for selected managerial tasks.
    • SupportNet's alarm function will warn managers, if a problem is likely to become time critical, to escalate it in time to the next layer of the support organization to meet the customer's deadlines.
    • SupportNet stores all tickets in its database and creates a critical resource for your customer support personnel.
    • Ticket history is stored for further analysis.   


- Core program totally developed in Java using TCP/IP sockets

- Client side interface developed using Java Applets, Java Script & HTML

- RDBMS used is MS SQL Server 6.5

- Web Server used is IIS 4.0


- Front End:
-Any Java/Java Script enabled browser like Netscape Navigator 4.0, MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or above

- Server:
-- Intel Pentium III, with 128MB RAM Windows NT Server 4.0
-- MS SQL Server 6.5 or above
-- IIS 4.0 or above
-- JDK1.1 or above