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IT Services

Welcome to our Services page. Here, you will find information on the following Information Technology services we provide:

LAN/WAN Design
Product Management
Strategic Partnership 

LAN/WAN Design

Novetix Network Design Services can assist organizations by optimizing their IT infrastructure and improve the ability to deliver the performance your users demand. Novetix professionals are trained engineers that employ Total Quality Management (TQM) concepts in providing solutions that optimize and streamline IT operations.

We will survey and analyze your environment in order to assess your requirments in tailoring Local and Wide Area Networks. From new designs to migrating your current IT structure, Novetix will work closely with you and address all your needs.

Novetix IT management services can help you maximize the value of your IT investments by providing a clearly defined technology architecture and reducing overhead development and implementation costs.


Project Management

Many implementations require coordination with multiple vendors in order to integrate all technical requirements and distribute resources across multiple locations. Novetix Project Management Services can help your organization deliver results within designated timeframes by maintaining control, managing costs and reducing various complexities.

With their vast industry experience and exceptional business knowledge, our project managers are able to analyze your project needs and properly construct a framework to achieve and manage your short and long-term goals.

Novetix skilled professionals provide the leadership and expertise required to effectively deliver timely results and achieving quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. In addition, Novetix takes advantage of multimedia in designing competitive sites.


Novetix as a Strategic Partner

Technology Management Services(TMS)

- Novetix employs a multi-layered project management approach, ensuring project success.

- We offer comprehensive service network that can provide consistent service levels across an organization’s campus buildings.

- The Technology Management structure that we support allows us to deliver unprecedented service to multiple facilities concurrently.

- We offer a centralized help desk and dispatch center called, SupportNet, which utilizes dedicated account managers to provide industry leading support and dispatch services.

- The most significant benefit of Novetix TMS Strategy is the aid and support of client business strategies by: 

    • o   Ensuring that technology strategies support business goals
    • o   Controlling enterprise-wide technology
    • o   Lowering total cost of ownership
    • o   Helping improve productivity and increase end-user satisfaction
    • o   Enabling concentrated focus on core business

Distribution and Configuration

Novetix utilizes an automated product distribution/configuration system that affords clients the highest possible order fill rates, order turnaround times, and order accuracy levels. We employ one logical system, with which our state-of-the-art distribution/configuration center provides clients with the most efficient delivery timeframes, most flexible delivery methods, and is the most cost effective (reduced freight).

We provide an automated web-based electronic product catalog system, tailored uniquely for each client. This system allows the Novetix Support Team to procure client-specific support information and pricing in an "easy-to-retrieve" manner.

Our product partners have the most comprehensive ISO 9001 registration, covering all warranties, distribution and additional configuration services required to meet nationwide support and service. Clients can be assured of our commitment to quality standards, procedures and results!   



Novetix employs a client-specific account management philosophy and best practice standards to confidently ensure the proper resources are available at all times. WA Value-Based Relationship Management focus ensures that we will concentrate on the strategic business issues that face management. Through implementation of the Distributed Technology Life Cycle Management processes, we can bring measurable cost savings to clients.