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Media Outreach

Traditional print and online media outlets are still major sources from which consumers recieve a large amount of information. Television and radio are also traditional forms of media and can be extremely essential in gaining exposure for your company and products through interviews, features and reviews. Our marketing team will reach out to various media outlets for anything from coverage for an event to special news updates related to your product. Our team will write and send out press releases, pitch letters and calls, and email blasts to sources that are relevant to your type of product.

Print media includes newspapers and magazines, along with newsletters, brochures, and posters. Online media includes major news-providers like Yahoo!, Huffington Post and MediaBistro along with various platforms of social media.


Social Media

Social media is a continually growing and changing field that opens a lot of exposure opportunities for businesses. Social media is a way for businesses to build and maintain a relationship with their consumers and at the same time, expose and promote the company, products and updates, keeping the target audience informed and involved. 

Depending on your company and/or product and our research, our marketing team can create and manage an account on one or multiple social media platforms including, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+. According to Business2Community (via Huffington Post) about 80% of social media users would rather connect with their favorite brands through Facebook. 

In addition, blogging has recently become a more popular means for publicity after research has found that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations (via Blogs and reaching out to bloggers to test out and review your product is therefore, an essential marketing action that the Novetix team would utilize. 

The opportunities of social media are endless and they continue to expand and evolve, making it an essential tool in marketing communications. 



While traditional and social media are very important tools in marketing, advertising is still widely used and needed in our telecommunications-savvy world today. At Novetix, we will create and develop advertising concepts for your product and bring it to market. Ads are seen on television, in print, in movies, billboards, and via online media. Upon completing an advertising concept, we are then able to reach out to ad agencies to bring the concept to fruition and reach your target markets in print, online, television and even radio.