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Marketing Process

Market Research

In the first stage of the marketing process, our team systematically gathers information about markets and potential customers. Through research, we are able to identify the needs of various markets, their sizes and demands, giving your business an advantage over competitors.

Through strategic analysis and interpretation of gathered information, our marketing team is able to discover where, when and how to  successfully market your product. 



Once the research has supplied enough information, the next step in the process is to assess the target market for which to release your product. The research results will also allow our team to discover where, when and the best ways to market your product by developing a creative, strategic plan. Depending on the product being marketed and the results from the research, our team will then develop a promotional plan to launch and publicize the product.


Promotional Plan

The marketing strategy creates the framework for promotional opportunities. In this stage, our team will implement your product to the public by utilizing methods including, but not limited to: launch events, social media use and interaction, developing advertising concepts, pitching to print and online media outlets. A key action in this stage is monitoring public reaction to gage the successes of the process and adjust areas that need improvement. This is important because in the long term, markets will change, often leading to a need for adjustments to the marketing of the product, such as messaging in advertising.


Product Market Evaluation

Upon product launch, our team with evaluate the successes of the product marketing plan by keeping track of purchases, downloads and customer usage on a day, week, month, year-basis. This stage of the process also means we must re-evaluate the markets that the product has been launched to discover better ways to either find and/or reach the target audience. Continuous research will also be conducted, analyzing trends in the market and product sales.