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Branding and Design

Brand Identity

Product Name, Image & Message

To bring a product to market, it needs a name, an identifiable image or logo, and a consistent, understandable message. Collectively, the message, image and logo tie together what the product means to the public, as in, how it is useful for consumers and why it is necessary. This process is known as branding or creating a brand identity. Creating a brand identity allows a central theme for publicity concepts to be developed, which will aid the advertising and public outreach for your product. Our creative team members are able to develop your product's publicity concept based on the product's abilities in connection with our market research.

Graphic Design

At Novetix, our marketing team members are also skilled in various software programs like Adobe CreativeSuite, which will allow us to design, create and develop any marketing material you may need for your product. As mentioned above, your product will need to be branded: identifiable and understandable by its consumers. Our team can design and create your brand’s logo, letterhead, develop and produce brochures and multiple print and web ads, videos, photos, and numerous other promotional marketing materials.

Promotional Materials

Based on the brand identity, along with market and trend research, we will be able to design, create, develop and produce various types of marketing materials to expose, promote and sell your product. Depending on what your product needs, our team is able to develop any of the following marketing materials:

Logo Design
Brochures and Pamphlets
Sales Presentations
Social Media Design and Management
Print and Online Advertising
Photography and Video Production
Trade Show and Event Materials
- Flyers, Postcards, Merchandise